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Since the mid-1990s, Oro Più has taken pride in its name and reputation for originality in the hand-made industry of glass, wood and ceramics manufacturing and decoration in order to obtain doors, chandeliers, vases, trays, sinks, tiles and so on. The company's products are not only finished with gold colour leaf, silver (aluminum) and pure copper, but also with actual gold and silver, a feature that makes Oro Più manufacturing truly unique.

Oro Più's hand-made products are prepared in its 2500-square metres workshop, where each simple object "comes to life" in a variety of colours. All this is made possible by the professionalism and imagination of the company's workers, all of whom succeed in obtaining original and unique results.

Oro Più hand-crafted manufacturing consists in the application of the gold colour leaf, silver (aluminum) and pure copper on glass, iron, wood and ceramics.

Over the years, Oro Più professionals have also specilized in colouring, decorating and high-quality finishes using actual gold and silver, a method which adds a touch of originality to the finished product.

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